4 Pillars To Find Success In Forex Trading

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4 Pillars To Find Success In Forex Trading

Most of the trader makes Forex trading process very complicated. As it’s not that easy to succeed in trading but by finding its core components. If trader understands that, then there are only 4 steps which he needs to focus on. By using these 4 tips while trading, he can easily achieve success in Forex market. 

Trade entry strategy

First thing a trader needs to understand is entry strategy which helps to fetch probability entries. And the most important thing is to commit with the one strategy so that trader will get an idea about when to make an entry in the market. The most recommended entry strategy is price action.

After deciding the strategy, a trader must write down his entry plan, and then enter into the market if planned conditions are meeting with market conditions.


Discipline helps to hold all the aspects and plan as well as trading approach together. It is very important if the trader wants to stick with his entry, money management and exit strategies. Mastering trading strategy and wait for the exact market conditions as planned is comes under discipline which most of the traders can’t control because of less patience. It takes lots of discipline to first focus on entry strategy then ignore the other trades after entering into the market, then follow the money management and exit strategy. 

Money management

It is basically the management of risk because it completely depends upon how much trader deposited in his account or in trades as well as after earning profit, how he is using it. The initial stage is to pre-define risk at the first trade. The money invested while defining risk must be the balance money or even if trader loses this money he won’t face the larger loss. Also trader must have enough capital in his account to trade multiple time otherwise trading strategy will not work efficiently. The best tips to manage risk is not involved emotions while trading which includes 2 factors:

  • Never trade on position which is not affordable as after facing a loss trader should have enough money to settle it.
  • Never risk an amount per trade on which trader feels uncomfortable while making decisions.

After receive the profit, trader should withdraw the money from the trading account at-least 50%!

Trade exit strategy

As like entry strategy, a trader also needs to plan the exit strategy. Because most of the trader won’t provide importance to this exit strategy. If a trader does not have an exit strategy, he will exit from the market with very less profit or no profit. However, this exit strategy also depends upon how trader enters into the market. 

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