Become Forex Broker With Whitelabel Solutions

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Become Forex Broker With Whitelabel Solutions

Starting your Forex brokerage company is easier now-a-days. As most of the whitelabel providers are available in the market. Forex whitelabel business is very less expensive and not necessary to depend on specific capital requirements. So people who are starting Forex business using whitelabel are not free because brokerage firms require a setup and it costs some amount. But the cost needed for starting business from scratch is much more than using this whitelabel technique. Checkout some steps to become Forex broker with the help of whitelabel solution:

Select appropriate partner broker:

As many brokers provide whitelabel solutions but the company you are partnering with shall not disappoint the customers. So while choosing a partner, must verify the things like funds, quality of process and offer they provide you must be flexible with your business needs.

Perform research on legal requirements:

For acquiring license in US, Europe and Australia, you should require whitelabel partner for completing broker business registration. There are so many jurisdiction available where just company formation is enough. In some countries, it’s possible to setup an office in one location but register company in another location.

Create business plan:

If you are trying to form a company from scratch, you have to prepare a complete business plan to stay on track of success.

Build your own brand:

You must prepare top quality logo, material which shows your brand and professional content so that your business will look trusted and authorised. As Forex business is completely online, you have to create great online presence on the market. 

Connect additional services:

As a new Forex broker, you should offer effective services which will be beneficial for your clients. This helps your clients to work with your company efficiently. You can add educational content as well as whitelabel for trading platforms.


Even though you will get a ready-made trading platform from a partner, it is still good practice to verify everything and identify whether its working as per the plan or not.

Go live:

After successfully completing the above steps, you can make your business live and start creating leads. These are the simple steps to become Forex broker but essential part is whitelabel solution which you can find on our FxWhiteLabel  website or just email us at “ ”

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