Essential Applications To Make Your Forex Brokerage More Successful

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Essential Applications To Make Your Forex Brokerage More Successful

Currently, there are lots of whitelabel service providers are available in the Foreign exchange market who helps every investor to become a Forex broker. It’s obvious that, knowledge about the market is essential but trading platforms are also getting cheaper day-by-day. It doesn’t mean that count of Forex brokers are increasing rapidly, because most of the brokers fail in their first year and the reason is, providing not-so-good customer support and bad management.

So there must be a way through which start-up Forex broker can get the attention of loyal clients/traders. If you also want to improve profit of your brokerage business and grow the trader’s count, you should check below listed applications which are capable of handling all key aspects of Forex business effectively. 

Forex CRM with IBs

Majority of brokers go for offshore license to initiate their business. But offshore businesses also have some restrictions on performing digital marketing campaigns, social media promotions or search engine advertisement. So to attract most of the clients towards your business, first initiate by making partnership with IBs(introducing brokers). So many traders and financial expert(influencers) have their own clients from followers count and these influencers helps to provide brokers with valuable clients.

The advantage of partnering with these influencers is, you only need to pay the commission for every onboard client coming from them. Broker can simply use the plugins called Multi-level IBs with their trading platforms before investing into the CRM. this plugin helps to calculate the commission rate of IBs.

Whenever you feel to improve the state of your service then you can simply invest  money into the CRM. along with IBs plugin and CRM solution, all the IBs are getting monitors and their transactions, performance as well. CRM with IBs helps you can easily build the clients network from just one solution.


Setting up a trading account is very complicated process and most of the customers give up in this first step. So setting-up automatic registration through website and integrating information with trading platforms servers can be possible using Web API plugin. By using this plugin, client can automatically opens and trading account with just submitting registration form details. Its simplest and easiest method and available at the lowest cost at our FxWhiteLabel website.

PSP Gateways

Every broker needs platform through which the money transaction of clients will happen efficiently. So while selecting CRM, always look for PSP support. This helps so many ways to the new brokers who don’t have any payment history or someone finding difficulty for making transactions. That’s why, PSP gateways are essential to increase the chance of success in Forex market. Get all these above mentioned applications from FxWhiteLabel at an affordable prices and make your Forex business more successful.

To know the pricing details you can visit our website FxWhiteLabel or simply mail us at “ ”

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