Get Brokerage Technology Solutions From Fxwhitelabel

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Get Brokerage Technology Solutions From Fxwhitelabel

FxWhiteLabel has broadened their brokerage technology solutions by offering lots of services under their facilities such as whitelabels, CRM, Fix API and Bridge solutions. 


The most popular and widely used trading platforms are MT4 & MT5. but after buying these software you won’t launch it as your own, so FxWhiteLabel is offering whitelabel solution for these MT4/MT5 trading platforms which helps your to use these platform under your own brand name like you have developed these software. This helps to increase the loyalty of traders towards your brokerage firm as you are providing best trading platforms for their successful trading operations. These whitelabel solutions are very cost friendly and your will get the access of full features as available in original software by spending less as well as you will receive customization options to make necessary changes depending upon your business requirements.


FxWhiteLabel also provides CRM software for handing your company’s clients, monitor the operations, marketing, sales and more. Brokers who wants to provide high level customer/client satisfaction result can easily access this service at an affordable price. By using this solution, you can client can easily sign up for live account, make money transactions, transfers data in-between 2 accounts, upload documents and more. By choosing our CRM solutions you can integrate it with MT4/MT5 trading platforms, perform user management, receive payment gateway and more. 

Fix API & Bridge Solution:

It is an electronic communication protocol which is most popular in Forex brokers, managers and other financial entities. While performing trading trader needs to connect with their liquidity provider to perform maximum numbers of trading automatically. By using FxWhiteLabel’s Fix API & Bridge solutions, you will face very low latency also can access the pre and post trade information of Forex market. These solutions will help you to :

. Manage your all business models

. Receive ultra-low latency

. Helps to increase the trading revenue 

. Reduces the operational cost 

. Offers support services to your customers

. Locations specific servers

. Fix API support 

Account coverage with API is completely free So to perform successful trading in the Forex market, you should use these services and acquire maximum profit. To know more about these services, you can directly visit FxWhiteLabel  website or send mail us on “ ”

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