Get Premium Plugins And Benefit Your Forex Trading

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Get Premium Plugins And Benefit Your Forex Trading

FxWhiteLabel always helps traders to perform their trading operation easy and secure with the help of their solutions. FxWhiteLabel already made some plugins for traders depending upon business needs. Such plugins helps traders to to perform various tasks with a few clicks, some of them are listed below.

Multi Level IB

Introduced brokers are most important participant in Forex trading, so to increase the growth of brokerage and expand the IBs business, traders can use Multi Level IB plugin. IB is the only options to increase the growth rate as well as network of any Forex business so it’s very important to use this plugin and improve the connectivity.


MAM stands for multi account management, this plugin provides a chance to become an investor as well as earn some profit without even performing trading operations. It also helps professional traders to earn most of the money by simple managing fund.

Bonus Manager

It helps brokers to increase their trader’s trading execution count. This happens because bonus manager deposits some bonus into trader’s account after certain successful trading execution by implementing automatic loyalty program.

Leverage Switcher

This plugin helps brokers to automate the entire trading process to reduce required time as well as resources which eventually helps to reduce the risk. This happens because leverage switcher automatically connect smaller leverages with the big balanced accounts.

Virtual Dealer

There are so many vulnerabilities are available in trading platforms so virtual dealer helps to protect a trader from such vulnerabilities by using the scalping method. Virtual dealer works in different patterns as they ways of configuration is different and it also automatically executes contra-measures.

Fix API Bridge

It is universal plugin which used in various fields of entities such as banks, hedge funds, brokers and more. It helps to make communication between broker, liquidity providers, funds and traders. Because of Fix API Bridge all the trading executions gets completed within a few seconds.


Web API reduces the use of server plugins which eventually minimize the server pressure. This impacts also helps to reduce the threshold of integrated web services. Web API provide access to connect customers with profitable functionalities very quickly & easily.  These are the 7 premium plugins which you can order now from FxWhiteLabel website at very affordable cost or for more information, you can directly contact us on this email “”

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