Grey Label Vs White Label – Which One Is Right For Your Business?

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Grey Label and White Label are the solutions for using the trading platform into your brokerage at an affordable price and with some more advantages but before understanding the actual difference, first we need to understand what is IB?

Introducing broker(IB) is an individual or a brokerage firm who is having a direct relationship with clients but the floor operations such as trader execution & back office tasks are performed by FCM(Futures Commission Merchant). These IBs are officially attached with FCM either as individual entity or directly as subsidiary. 

The process of establishing IB is very simple as you need to fill up the IB application form with primary broker and receive IB id, reference links and promotional material. 

Grey Label

Grey Label is an economical version of the White Label so this solution is for those who don’t want to invest more money. In this process, you get the Grey Label license from the White Label broker. But the branding of this Grey Label broker is completely different from the actual technology provider or White Label provider. It allows managing leverages, spreads, deposits as well as withdrawals of clients.  

The problem is, user gets confused with the brand name which leads to loss of loyalty and brand recognition. Also dependability on White Label provider leads to downtime and technology needs as well as more hassle while working.

White Label

White Label provides you the complete accessibility to use the trading software by putting your own brand on it. It is basically for those who are interested in becoming Forex broker as well as building their own brand in the market.

White Label provides permission to showcase the trading platform is developed by you (even though you are not) and also it is owned by you. This helps to maintain the brand value and loyalty of end-users with you which are not possible in Grey Level.  

White Label solution also offers complete package and services as it is available in the actual trading platform. It allows you to customize the technology as per your requirements. This helps to improve your Forex business success rate as well as earn more profits. 

As compared with Grey Label, White Label provides more control over your clients as well as business.  We always suggest every broker to go for the White Label solution as it has more benefits and helps to grow your business because Grey Label is the distraction in the path of success. FxWhiteLabel provides White Label solutions of MT4 and MT5 trading platforms at an affordable price.

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