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Regulatory Reporting

At Prixim Infowares UK Pvt. Ltd we help you in reporting transactions and Open positions on all OTC derivative asset classes with reconciliation and monitoring capabilities. We are decked up to serve you regulatory trade reporting solutions to financial services businesses of those dealing with the Over-The-Counter derivatives and other financial products that demand transaction reporting. Prixim works as a Third-Party reporting service amongst the Regulators and the Finance Firms. Get the desired data output on a day-to-day basis.

What does the Reporting Provider do?
  • Decreases the resources to trade reporting so that you Garner focus to your core activity
  • Efficient Customer support under MIFIR and EMIR to guide you in your trade reporting
  • Get comfortable with any protections under the law for using an agent
  • Get to know that you are reporting In-Line with industry peers

At Prixim, You don’t pay for anything except the service for reporting directly to a Trade Repository (TR) (for EMIR) or an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) (for MIFIR) so it is Budget friendly as well as in Time.

For an overview, Prixim basically
  • Registers you for LEI – Legal Entity Identifier
  • Extracts the trade an transaction data from your platforms
  • Changes the data in desired formats
  • Submits the data to the TR/ARM
  • Is open to all sorts of contacts for any query or concern
We serve you three core services
  • Extraction of Data, Conversion and Nourishment.
  • Specialist advisory and consultation
  • Also report trades on behalf of your side

The overarching objectives of the regulatory trade reporting requirements for financial products are to:

  • Enhance the transparency of trade information available to relevant authorities and the public.
  • Promote financial stability.
  • Support the detection and prevention of market abuse.

We would love to talk to you about your trade reporting obligations around the world. Feel free to contact us on for an obligation-free consultation with one of our experienced staff.

European Trade Reporting - MiFID II
European Trade Reporting - MiFID II
European Trade Reporting – EMIR
European Trade Reporting – EMIR
Australia Trade Reporting – ASIC
Australia Trade Reporting – ASIC
Singapore Trade Reporting – MAS
Singapore Trade Reporting – MAS
Hong Kong – HKMA
Hong Kong – HKMA

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